What is Strategic Communications?


So many people ask me what my major is. Before I went into Strategic Communications (Strat. Comm.) I was a journalist major and had no idea what Strat. Comm. was. After talking to my advisor she pointed me in the direction of this major because she said I seemed to be mainly interested in advertising and public relations and that is what Strat. Comm. is all about.

According to Ohio State’s website, “Strategic Communication (SCM) teaches you the ways in which organizations communicate in order to accomplish a goal.” It is a broad topic that includes advertising, public relations and persuasion.

So far I have really enjoyed all of my classes that have pertained to Strat. Comm. They are all so current and mainly deal with the Internet and so-called “hip” trends that are going on nowadays.

I have chosen this major mainly because of the public relations portion. I found a definition of public relations in an article I found and they said that, “Public relations (PR) is the practice of managing the flow of information between an individual or an organization and the public.”

This interests me because I really like working with companies that are struggling to communicate with their audience. I like to create different things to show people what the company is all about. I am also interested in advertising because I like creating ads to get people’s attention.

Strategic communications is a great major for me because it has a lot of variety. I have yet to choose whether I want to go into PR or Advertising but I know as I go on with my courses I will have a for sure answer sooner or later.

I would really like to know why any of you are interested in Strategic Communications. So let me know! Thanks.

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