Today (Tuesday, October 9) from 8-9pm I was involved in a twitter chat.  It was very interesting to say the least. Tweet chats are so fast paced it is so hard to keep up.  Also, I was very confused sometimes if someone replied to my tweet which one they were actually replying to.  Other then that it was interesting to read peoples responses from all over the place.

During this twitter chat the moderators ask several questions throughout the hour to get the conversation going.  People respond to questions like, “What’s your process for sharing awesome content? Do you schedule posts? Pros; cons?” or “How many blogs per day do you read? How much time do you devote to reading & keeping up with news, trends, etc?”. As people answer the questions other people either retweet or respond.

I thought that it was interesting to watch when the moderators (prtini and Justin Case) would throw out the questions. It seemed like when the conversations died down that is when they would ask the questions. For a second there would be little to no one responding but right when the question pops up there were several people tweeting about it. I thought that the questions were good questions that even got me wondering what other people would say.

My favorite question of the night was “When you feel overwhelmed from information overload, how do you catch up and destress?”. My answer was that I like to take a nap. Some people said to go outside, to the gym, and to even just put your phone on silent. Pretty cool to see what people had to say about this question.

I really enjoyed this twitter chat, but it got a little overwhelming at times. I would probably do it again sometime but I wouldn’t do it weekly or daily because it’s hard to follow at times.

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