All Hallows Eve with Harry Potter

ImageSo on October 30 (yesterday) I went to The Ohio State University’s Recreation Center for a halloween event.  It was a lot of fun because the event was all about Harry Potter!  Yup, that’s how cool our school is.  Anyway, I went to the event because in my communications class we have to live tweet at a campus event.  I chose this event because I work at the Recreation Center so I knew some people who would already be there.  Also, I went to this same event last year and it was a lot of fun they even had a flash mob.

At this event we drank butterbeer, decorated pumpkins, we were given what Hogwarts House we would be in and did some Harry Potter trivia.  I did really bad with trivia and did not win a shirt, but my boyfriend played corn-hole and made it in the hole his first try and won a t-shirt!  I didn’t try the butterbeer, but my boyfriend said it was good.  I was put into the Ravenclaw house and I decorated a pretty cool pumpkin!


Anyway, as I was tweeting at the event I realized how rude I looked.  I dragged my boyfriend with me and then I pretty much sat there the whole time tweeting about what I was doing.  It was a smaller event so I feel like being on my phone the whole time looked pretty rude, even though I was tweeting about the event the people around me didn’t know what I was doing.  Maybe if it was a bigger event like the football game where there are so many people around it wouldn’t be rude if you were sitting there tweeting about the game.  The marketing people for the recreation center took a lot of time to plan this event and for someone to be sitting on their phone the whole time is pretty impolite.

I was reading a post about if live tweeting an event is rude or not.  The person who wrote this post also says to avoid tweeting at a more personal event.  Like I said, a smaller event would not be a good place to tweet because then it takes the attention off of the event or the speaker.  It’s just plan rude, don’t do it or try to avoid excessively tweeting. Pay attention to the event/speaker I’m sure you’ll learn something, isn’t that what you’re there for?

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