Save a Life and Donate

ImageSo this week in my communications class I am working on an advertising assignment.  It is pretty interesting because we are entering it into a contest and have the chance to win $200 if our ad is chosen.  I am not very creative with projects like this and I am having a difficult time trying to find a picture that I want that is not copyrighted. I am currently waiting for a free trial of photoshop to download so maybe I can use that and make my own creation of a photo so it will definitely not be copyrighted.

If any of you are design majors, or really like creating advertisements I really encourage you to enter this competition.  It is for the sponsor Gift of Hope which encourages people to donate their organs.  They have a few objectives and elements that have to be portrayed in the advertisement, but other than that it is a free for all and you are allowed to create pretty much whatever you want.

I wish that I was better at designing things, but I am going to try my best and see what happens.  I am leaning on putting a picture of a soldier and saying something about being a hero if you donate your organs.  It has to be sad and make people feel bad for not donating their organs, so hopefully my idea will work.  I am obviously going to say that one donor can save more than 25 lives because that is the most obvious selling point that will reach out to people who aren’t organ donors.  I know that that fact got me  interested and that is mainly the reason why I am an organ donor.  Hopefully you all create an ad for this competition and enter to win. Good luck to the both of us! May the best person win (probably not me).

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