#RHONJ trending

ImageHello everyone,

Ever since the “Real Housewives of ‘whatever place’” started I always said how stupid they were and that I would never watch them.  Well I lied because I pretty much watch most of them religiously now.  My favorite one is “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”, there is just something about those women that is entertaining to watch.

The other day I was watching this show and I saw at the top of the screen #RHONJ. I sat there the entire episode trying to figure out what they stood for. I felt like such an idiot that it took me so long to figure it out. How long did it take any my readers to figure this out? Probably not as long as it took me.


ANYWAY, ever since then I always see those hashtags at the top of the screen or even the bottom during a show. It is crazy how popular Twitter has become, it feels like it happened over night. Mainly every show on Bravo has a hashtag on the top of the screen as the show is going on.

I was so interested in how many hashtags have appeared on TV that I looked up why they are so popular.  In a blog I read they list out why hashtags make sense.

  • Not distracting
  • Monitoring conversations is easier
  • Increased chance of “trending”

I bet after reading this blog you are going to keep watching out for all the shows that have hashtags.  It is pretty addicting and it is crazy to see how many shows have them.  Pretty soon every show and maybe even every movie are going to have hashtags. I guess we will find out.

Thanks for reading!

(P.S. for those of you still trying to figure out what #RHONJ stands for it is “Real Housewives of New Jersey”, your welcome.)

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2 Responses to #RHONJ trending

  1. I love live tweeting shows while they are happening! I completely agree that #RHONJ is a bit long and confusing and should probably be changed to something simpler…maybe #HousewivesNJ? I have never seen any of the shows but I love the memes and giffs that they are apart of. I especially love tweeting award shows like the golden globes or the Emmys.
    Happy Tweeting and thanks for the post!

  2. I felt the same as you when all the hype began over all the Real Housewives shows. Never could I imagine myself falling into the drama and stereotypes of the people that stream across the television during an episode of this show. Like you, I am saddened to say I have fallen. I have also recently began noticing the twitter hashtags flashed in the top corner of the screen during many other television shows. I think this is a great idea to promote social media through television because it engages viewers and connects strangers who share a common interest. One of my favorite things to talk about with people is TV… especially if it is a show I am obsessed with, like One Tree Hill, I could go on for days. I understand though that with Twitter’s increasing presence in society, creating original handles and hashtags that do not already exist is going to become even more difficult. I do think though that Real Housewives of New Jersey could have found an available hashtag that included some sort of word as opposed to just an acronym, so its viewers could more easily understand its meaning.

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