Marketing Internships…….Ughhh

ImageSo for most of you who do not know much about me, I work at The Ohio State University’s recreation center. Otherwise known as the RPAC, for those of you who are Ohio State students. Anyway, I am a facility manager (kind of a big deal……just kidding) and I figured that I should use my resources at the RPAC to apply for a marketing internship.

So a couple of weeks ago I asked my boss if she knew if the RPAC’s marketing team is looking for interns.  She gave me a contact number and told me to e-mail the head of marketing and tell her that my boss told me about her.

Well it worked! The lady e-mailed me back and asked for my schedule and resume. I was so excited.  But then a couple of weeks went by with no reply after I sent my resume. I was pretty bummed by then.

BUT it got better! She finally e-mailed me and asked if I was available for an interview the day before Halloween. We set up a time and place and I was all ready to go.

The day of the interview comes and I was nervous but completely ready. I felt like I had enough experience and the fact that I already work for the RPAC really looked good.  I am still waiting for a reply, but I feel pretty confident.

I am writing about my experience because I wanted to talk about what looks good to employers and what to expect when applying for a marketing internship (based on school, resume, experience, etc.)

In my interview I talked mainly about two topics:

  1. My past experience as a marketing intern (if you have never interned it is okay).
  2. My experience from classes, specifically classes dealing with marketing.

The lady seemed pretty impressed by the things we are doing in my communications class I am taking now.  We have learned so much, and everything we have learned and done hands-on is what she said I would be doing if I got this internship.

She really liked the fact that I have done press releases, media advisories, blogs and also that I have edited website layouts. Most of these things are what we are learning in my communications class.


For my internship over the summer I did a press release, created a website and worked on a brochure. I felt like this is a lot of hands-on experience, but as I was reading an article about what employers look for they stated a few different things:

1. Communication

2. Organization

3. Leadership

If you want to know more I would definitely recommend reading this article. It is pretty good at explaining what employers are looking for. I wish you all the best at luck at finding an internship and hopefully I get mine! Fingers crossed.

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